Anyone on the planet can use Roboshout to send a custom robocall, text, or picture message to any valid phone number in the continental United States or Canada... ANONYMOUSLY. Our phone numbers are not spoofed, do not show up as unavailable, and conceal your identity. Roboshout can be used for important, private, and sensitive messages. Whatever you use Roboshout for, you can be assured that you will remain anonymous. Roboshout recommends that you try texting/calling yourself first with the free text or free robocall apps. You might not need us now, but we'll be here when you do.
Happy Roboshouting!

Anonymous Texts

  • All texts are sent anonymously to the specified phone number

  • Text (Send and Receive) can be used to send an anonymous text, and optionally receive replies back from the person you are texting, without them knowing your identity.
  • A copy of their replies can optionally be texted to you free of charge (your mobile carrier's normal messaging rates will apply).
  • Complete anonymity is maintained and your phone number is not visible to the person that you are texting.
  • Other texting apps include:
    • Text Scheduler - Schedule a text to be sent in the future.
    • Twenty Texts - 20 texts to 20 different phone numbers
    • Text Blaster - 100 texts to a single phone number
    • Mass-Text - Text up to 1000 different phone numbers
    • Text Bombardment - 1000 texts to a single phone number

Anonymous Calls

  • All Calls Are Made Anonymously With A Robot Voice

  • Calls are made in a robot voice when using the following apps:
    Robocall, Robocall Extensions, Call Scheduler, Mass-Robocall and Robocall Recorder
  • The bot will transcribe EXACTLY what you type in the text field and understands the complete English dictionary as well as all swears and slang.
  • If entering numbers in a robocall message, the robot will pronounce 64 as "sixty-four". It will pronounce 6 4 (with a space) as "six", "four". Adding a period between words & phrases will add a slight pause: Here. We. Go!
  • Youtube Call can be used to make a call and play the audio from your favorite Youtube video!