Cheaper Than A Payphone Call in 1 9 9 5

You can use Roboshout to send a free custom robocall, text, or picture message to any valid phone number in the continental United States or Canada... ANONYMOUSLY. Roboshout can be used for important, private, and sensitive messages. We have removed our paid applications, however you may enjoy our remaining services free of cost if you have a valid U.S. phone number.

Happy Roboshouting!

Free Tokens

  • How do I get these free tokens?

  • To get your free tokens, use your mobile phone to send a text to our toll-free number:
    1 (888) 620-0094
  • You'll immediately receive a text back from us containing 2 tokens.
  • Each token can be used to place an anonymous text or robocall. If you already used your 2 tokens, check back in a few hours and you'll be able to get 2 more.
  • ** We've removed our paid applications (Text Bombardment, Mass Text etc.). We offer our existing services at no cost. However we do encourage you to donate to Roboshout.

Anonymous Texts

  • All texts are sent anonymously to the specified phone number

  • Text (Send and Receive) can be used to send an anonymous text, and optionally receive replies back from the person you are texting, without them knowing your identity.
  • A copy of their replies can optionally be texted to you free of charge (your mobile carrier's normal messaging rates will apply).
  • Complete anonymity is maintained and your phone number is not visible to the person that you are texting.

Anonymous Calls

  • All Calls Are Made Anonymously With A Robot Voice

  • Calls are made in a robot voice when using our Robocall app.
  • The bot will transcribe EXACTLY what you type in the text field and understands the complete English dictionary as well as all swears and slang.
  • If entering numbers in a robocall message, the robot will pronounce 64 as "sixty-four". It will pronounce 6 4 (with a space) as "six", "four". Adding a period between words & phrases will add a slight pause: Here. We. Go!